xarray_beam.offsets_to_slices(offsets, sizes, base=None)

Convert offsets into slices with an optional base offset.

  • offsets (Mapping[str, int]) – integer offsets from the origin along each axis.

  • sizes (Mapping[str, int]) – dimension sizes for the corresponding chunks.

  • base (Optional[Mapping[str, int]]) – optional base-offset to subract from this key. This allows for relative indexing, e.g., into a chunk of a larger Dataset.


Slices suitable for indexing with xarray.Dataset.isel().


ValueError – if an offset is specified for a dimension where there is no corresponding size specified.

Return type:

Dict[str, slice]

Example usage:

>>> offsets_to_slices({'x': 100}, sizes={'x': 10})
{'x': slice(100, 110, 1)}
>>> offsets_to_slices({'x': 100}, sizes={'x': 10}, base={'x': 100})
{'x': slice(0, 10, 1)}